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👋 Hi I'm Trevor and I'm a self-taught hacker turned VP of Engineering who helps startups transition into resilient teams. My work priorities are to create a psychologically safe environment for my staff and peers, invent and create new solutions that eliminate bullshit drudgery 🤖, and to advance my field. By focusing on creating a healthy system for people to participate in, we can create serendipitous circumstances which foster new ideas and allow us to take advantage of the opportunities we generate. I value transparency, honesty, accountability, and open-mindedness in myself and in my relationships both personally and professionally. My former acts include Bench and Joyent. I currently act as a Fractional CTO and formally advise several seed to series-A stage startups.

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If you'd like to read some stuff I've written about, then here's a big list of ideas and hacks.