One Line

Trevor Orsztynowicz

Most new applications today are built up out of many 3rd party components and glued together with some business rules. This means that any 3rd party service is highly incentivized to make integrating their service as easy as possible. Often times we end up reducing that down to a simple statement like

“Just one line of Javascript is all it takes!”

Most of the time that’s all it takes, and you’ve got a new customer.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

One line for a developer is 2-3 minutes of effort. One line for a business is 2-3 months of change requests, releases, product meetings, sprint planning, regression testing and hopefully a production deployment. Thats after you finally get approval from legal, and a finance department, because you only have so much discretionary income to be able to spend on “3rd party tools that dont help the bottom line”.

Just something to keep that in mind when you write your “super easy to plug in” service.