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Introducing Slipway

Trevor Orsztynowicz
$ grunt deploy

Why not just deploy straight to S3?

We found that the little things like roll backs, asset versioning, CDNs, version management, and setting up webservers a bit tedious. Github Pages is great for rendered pages, but we wanted a little more flexibility.

Slipway was designed to deploy webapps in a way that was reliable, fast, and fun.

Build & Deploy

When you trigger a deploy, Slipway will do a git pull against your repository then kick off a build in a root safe build environment. This means you can run any plugins or code you want. After your build is complete you can check it out at a unique URL then switch your production version to the new build.

Works with Grunt & Bower

Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower are a killer combo for managing your webapps. Slipway integrates with that existing toolchain. Any Yeoman generated project will work with Slipway ‘out of the box.’

$ npm install --save slipway-grunt

Features We’re Working On

  • SSL Certificates
  • CDN support (CloudFlare & CloudFront)
  • Continuous Integration & Build Testing
  • Integrated Error & Performance Monitoring (