Layerboom Acquired by Joyent!

Trevor Orsztynowicz

I’m happy to announce that my company Layerboom has been acquired by Joyent, a leading provider of Cloud Computing services and solutions. Here’s the press announcement.

Layerboom & Cloud Computing is something I’ve been working on for 2 years but I’ve been thinking about cloud since school. Startups require quite a bit of sacrifice, and this definitely wasn’t an exception. I had to give up a lot for the opportunity to try and for that reason I have a ton of people to thank. Most of you I’ve thanked in person already, but here it is again for ‘the record’.

A big thanks to our Investors for taking a chance on a couple guys with a laptop and an idea, and a big congratulations to the rest of the guys on the Layerboom team for being persistent, forward thinking, and above all a pleasure to work with.

I also have to thank my Friends for being really supportive and putting up with my bullshit over the last 2 years; You’re like family to me and in case there was any doubt, you’re worth more to me than anything.

As part of our deal I’ve taken a job at Joyent and I’m really happy to be working for a company with excellent leadership and vision . We can’t wait to show everyone the projects we’re working on!

ps We’re hiring, so if you’re a developer and you’re looking for a killer opportunity send me an email.