Whenever I built lego projects I would obsess over finding the perfect piece - The one single piece I knew in my mind I owned but could never find. Organizing and categorizing the lego wouldn’t help, because I was 7 - so every time I wanted a piece I raked through a bin of lego that at the time was roughly the size of my body. Lego Theorist

Finding the perfect piece would take a really long time. So long in fact that I often gave up and searched for alternative pieces, and what happened has fascinated me ever since.

If I stopped looking for the piece of Lego I was originally searching for, I would find it. In fact, this worked so well that I started purposely looking for other pieces sooner to find the one I originally wanted - and it still worked.

Of course, this works for more than just Lego - you can find all sorts of different things. Try it!